Toshiba PLCs

Toshiba PLCs

Toshiba ladder logic PLCs Programmable Logic Controllers

Transtronics is an authorized Toshiba distributor

These PLC center on Toshiba industrial control, process control, or automation.

  • The V200 represents the brick style - (as the name suggests - it is shaped like a brick)
  • The V2000 Series is a Rack system - with individual cards that slide in a rack.
  • Operator Interfaces PLCs that provide a central interface for the user to interact with the PLC.
GPU230*S GPU230*S $555.00 Buy Now
T-PDS T-PDS Series Computer Programming Software, 3.5" Disks and Software User's Manual. Requires computer running Win95 or latter. $494.00 Buy Now
GWY-610-B GWY-610-B GWY-610-B Ethernet Gateway for PLCs AC-drives $249.00 Buy Now
TCNV485-CMOS TCNV485-CMOS CMOS to RS422/485, 2 wire/4 wire. RJ45 connector for Toshiba ASDs. $90.00 Buy Now
GWY-00 GWY-00 Gateway Protocol Converter, Modbus/Toshiba $200.00 Buy Now
GWY-300 Gateway Protocol Converter, CAN (J1939)/Toshiba, Requires 24 Vdc external PS. Order cables separately. $230.00 Buy Now

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