Operator Interface

Operator Interface
Toshiba Operator Interface Stations are renowned for reliability and versatility. The new Plus versions can often replace a traditional PLC and panel meter in one unit with much greater flexibility. The range of Toshiba OIS options are easily integrated into most common systems, while offering intuitive display options navigated by keypad or touch screen. Operators depend on Toshiba OISs to monitor current system conditions via text- or graphics-based displays and initiate changes as necessary. Ask about the I/O modules that plug in the back.

General Specifications
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C to 80°C
Humidity: 10% to 90% (Non condensing)
Immunity to ESD: Level 3 as per IEC1000-4-2
Immunity to Transients: Level 3 as per IEC1000-4-4
Radiated Susceptibility: Level 3 as per IEC1000-4-3
Emissions: EN55011 CISPR A

OIS55 OIS55 3.5” Color TFT Touch Screen Operator Interface Station $379.00 Buy Now
OIS55E OIS55E 3.5" Color TFT Touch Screen Operator Interface Station Ethernet port $449.00 Buy Now
OIS70E_PLUS OIS70E_PLUS Operator interface 7" color touch screen with I/O $850.00 Buy Now
OIS42L_PLUS OIS42L_PLUS $360.00 Buy Now
OIS42U_PLUS OIS42U_PLUS $545.00 Buy Now
OIS20_PLUS $369.00 Buy Now
OIS45E_PLUS OIS45E_PLUS $600.00 Buy Now
OIS12 OIS12 Low Cost Operator Interface Station $129.00 Buy Now
SCAB-VFA5-2 Cable -- Connects OIS20 to G3 and A5 ASD (Frequency drive or Inverter) $34.00 Buy Now
SCAB-VFS7-2 Cable Connects OIS40R, OIS50, OIS60 to S9 or VF_nC1 TTL Port, Smart Cable $34.00 Buy Now
OIS10_PLUS OIS10_PLUS Operator Interface Station $269.00 Buy Now
EC-P-019A-00 EC-P-019A-00 Cable to Connect OIS40R, OIS50, or OIS60 to T1 Programming Port, 2 m $99.00 Buy Now
CAB-OIS-T1-X CAB-OIS-T1-X Connects OIS10, OIS15 OIS20 and oldOIS40 to T1 PLC, comes with OIS10 and OIS15 $34.00 Buy Now

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