T1-28 PLCs

T1-28 PLCs

Expandable Micro Programmable Controller

The T1-28S series are micro programmable controllers with optional add-on expansion I/O modules. Their communications capability, advanced instruction set, and large program and data memory make it an excellent choice for applications previously requiring larger more expensive programmable controllers.
The T1-128's high-speed performance makes sophisticated machine control applications a snap.

Understanding T1 PLC part numbers

TAR116S6S T - T series, AR - AC input, 1 - T1 series, 16 - 16 I/O, S - Super, 6 runs on 120Vac, S - standard version

T = T Series DR = DC I/O version 1 = T1 Series16 = 16 IO S = Super6 = uses 120/240Vac Power S = enhanced version

AR = AC I/O version
28 = 28 IO 1 - = older
version 1
3 = uses 24Vdc PowerC = economy version 2

40 = 40 IO

1 The "-" or "*" or 28 versions should not be used for new designs
2 The C version doesn't have RTC or RS485
AC IO is avoided for cost and safety reasons - if possible use DC I/O. If you need to sense just a couple of AC inputs,
look at our Logic level converters.

Also see Operator Interface Stations -- T1-16S Overview -- Toshiba PLCs Index
Any of the T-series PLCs use the T-PDS software

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