Opto-isolation prevents transient ground current problems

Isolation7500 Vav(pk) 5000 Vrms
Min Input drive current required 0.7mA
Min input voltage level 2.7Vdc OPTO1
80 Vrms OPTO120AC
100Vdc OPTO125
2.7Vdc OPTO-Triac

Maximum input voltage

25Vdc OPTO1
140Vac OPTO120AC
150Vdc OPTO125
25Vdc OPTO-Triac
Min output current delivered 7mA (300 mA for Opto-Triac)
Maximum output voltage


Maximum output current 150mA
Maximum Frequency (50% duty cycle) 10Khz
Opto120AC Halfwave detection (may require pulse stretching in ladder software)

OPTO1 OPTO1 Logic level converter and isolator - Connects 5 - 28 volt CMOS logic level signals to 24Vdc PLC inputs $24.95 Buy Now
OPTO120AC OPTO120AC Logic level converter - connects common line voltage signals to 24Vdc PLC inputs $24.95 Buy Now
OPTO125 OPTO125 Logic level converter and isolator - connects 125 volt DC logic level signals to 24 Vdc PLC inputs $24.95 Buy Now
OPTO-TRIAC OPTO-TRIAC Logic level converter and isolator - Connects 5 - 24Vdc to 120Vac PLC inputs $24.95 Buy Now

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