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Pocket ROMulator - EPROM Emulator

Supports 2716 -27256 sized EPROM Emulation. Battery memory backup. Make transparent changes to Rom image while CPU is running. Very popular with EFI hackers. The Romulator allows car folks to make changes while-the-engine-is-running! No need to stop and start the engine. Also used for Microprocessor developers. Auto EFI/ECU folks new at this should see the FAQ. Comes with windows software and a command line driver.

  • Lots of third party support lets you work with many car types.
  • Auto-update feature lets you point at a file and it will automatically update the ROM image anytime a change is made - this lets you use any rom editor to do real-time changes!
  • 90 day warranty - covers any failure other than driving over unit, underwater use, etc. (please use a ground strap)

Has a limited address watch capabilities to help figure out fuel maps etc. Note: the Romulator or the ROMmutator is now called the Pocket-ROMmulator. See usb for USB to serial adapters.

For help see Romulator FAQs or EFI/ECU-FAQs. /a>

Software Updates and downloads

ROM types Emulated 27(C)16, 27(C)32, 27(C)64, 27(C)128, 27(C)256, 29C256
(27(C)512 PKT-ROM2 only)
Access Time 100ns
Cable DB9 Pins used are 2, 3, 5.
Serial port setup Baud Rate - 115.2K Baud, 8 Bit, 1 Stop Bit, No Parity, No Hand Shake (End of command string is by time out from last byte received.) Works with our USB to Serial adapters
Power Power is taken from both the socket of the Rom you are emulating to and from the Serial port (TD pin3, CTS 4 , DTR 7) . Pin 24 provides power when emulating 2716/2732 and Pin 28 for 2764/27128/27256/27512. This is done automatically and does not require any changes. Backup is provided via a backup battery that will last about a year.
Software Commands
Load Buffer Loads file to buffer RAM in your PC
Save Buffer Saves buffer RAM to a file
Select file type Select from Binary, Intel HEX, Moto hex, Ascii HEX file types (most often Binary)
Fill Buffer Fills buffer with constant byte
Edit buffer Starts a full featured Hex/ascii Editor to work on the buffer - makes real-time changes that are hidden for the computer under test.
Buffer to ROM Moves buffer contents to ROM
Rom to Buffer moves ROM contents to Buffer
ED buffer Starts a full featured Hex/ascii Editor to work directly on the contents of the ROM memory
Verify Compares Buffer to ROM memory and reports what and where it is different
ROM offsets Manually set Buffer start and stop addresses
COM select Set which COM port you are using.
Index 32791 1.000 UPC 850604005112

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