Model: PP3USB
Brand: Intronics
$269.00 USD

The Pocket programmer 3 USB
Made in the USA

40 Pin USB based EPROM, ROM, EEPROM, Serial, FLASH, UVEPROM, Static RAM, Microprocessor, and nonvolatile memory Programmer.
THE choice in eprom burners!

The pocket programmer USB

Free Software download link

The Pocket Programmer USB is a portable EPROM programmer for rocket fast EPROM programming. The software has easy to-use commands and includes a hexadecimal editor. The Pocket Programmer's 40 Pin ZIF programs a huge list of eproms without adapters. Our software allows copying ROMs to files, files to ROMs. and ROMs to ROM

  • Pocket EPROM Programmer USB connects via the USB port to program your EEPROM devices. No messy card to install - just plug in your pocket programmer and go.
  • Top quality 40 pin ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) programming socket 
  • Wide device support EPROM, FLASH, UVEPROM, EEPROM, Prom, Microprocessor
  • Free phone support (Yes, we answer the phone)!
  • VERY, VERY FAST programming times!
  • Code to do kobetron like gaming verification available.
  • Low Voltage Device support.
  • Physical size 5.75" X 3.38" X 1.62" 32" cable
  • Supports odd even data separation for split word EPROMs
  • Even supports the very old 2K and 4K EPROMS!
  • Includes: programmer, programming software (via internet download), Hex editor, instructions, Cable, wall adapter.
  • Supports Win95/98/ 98SE/NT/2000/XP, Win7, Win7x64 Download a and see.
  • 90 day warranty - covers any failure other than driving over unit, underwater use, etc.
  • Supports programing PIC processors with out an adapter much faster than other programmer!
  • Software features
  • The pocket programmer has been THE device programmer of choice from 1988 to the present!

Feature loaded, yet cost effective
Supports over 625 unique devices not including suffix permutations

Claiming a large number of parts by counting each part suffix and prefix as a different device - seems bit of an exaggeration - so we don't do it

Wide selection of File format support
Binary Standard Binary
Motorola* S1(S19), S2(S28), S3(S37)
Intel* Hex and Extended Hex
Tektronics* Standard Hex
ASCII Hex plain ASCII Hex file

Software Features

Blank Check
Program EPROM  Save EPROM image
Save EPROM to file or buffer Hex editor - works on buffer memory
Dual display of Hex and ASCII
Relocate, append, stack EPROM Images Fill buffer with $FF's, $00, or user defined byte
Save EPROM to file Split odd even
Verify EPROM Find byte sequence
Compare EPROM with Image file Calculate check sum 
Change EPROM type Override Vpp (programming voltage) 25, 21, 12.5
Remembers last configuration

The above list includes all suffix and prefix permutations. Only those that have any differences are noted. Almost all suffixes refer to mask shrinks, alternate packaging or added features that will not effect programming. New devices are continually added to the software. 57(C)XXX and 87(C)XXX Series use 27(c)xxx programming settings

The 25xx 27xx 87xx 57xx parts with windows need  ultraviolet light to erase contents before programming.

Software download link

Pocket programmer FAQs
Car computer EFI ECU FAQs

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