OptiVISOR with GLASS or plastic lenses

Binocular Headband Magnifier


The DA-X (GLASS) and LX-X (plastic) series

Be aware that there are people selling the cheaper plastic lenses LX version as if was the D-x versions of the Optivisor. The way to tell them apart is the real glass ones have a blueish tint to the lens. You get what you pay for as the cheap plastic lenses scratch more easily and can be ruined with just a single drop of solvent. The DA-X OptiVISOR has true optical glass lenses that resist scratching and solvents.

If you are over 40, like I am, you have probably noticed that small parts seem to keep getting smaller and harder to see.

Don't let your vision keep you from enjoying your work. The OptiVISOR is the fountain-of-youth for your eyes; it lets you see the small things just as you did as a teenager.

optovisor optevisor optavisor
The Optivisor features a comfortable leather lined headband that you can wear all day.

The OptiVISOR has made my electronics work enjoyable again. The opivisor can be worn over your regular glasses.

The OptiVISOR optovisor is an accessibility aid worn by professionals in many fields including doctors, dentist, jewelers and biologists who need the very best in vision especially when they have presbyopia .

OptiVISOR the most comfortable and highest quality available

  • Binocular design reduces eyestrain and allows three-dimensional vision.
  • Available in Optical Glass Prismatic Lenses Ground and polished to precision optical standards (DA-X series).
  • It Tilts - Adjustable pivots allow the visor to be tilted out of the way when not needed
  • Made completely in the USA
  • Adjustable headband - conforms to fit all head sizes
  • Genuine leather comfort band padded with orthopedic felt adds comfort for long hours at the bench
  • Both work hands are free!
  • The hood keeps light from reflecting off the back of the lenses, thus increasing the contrast ratio . Better contrast ratio lets you see details you would miss otherwise.

LT-06 OptionLT-06

The distances in focus also depends on the amount of illumination - the brighter the field, the more your iris will constrict providing a greater depth of focus or depth of field.

  • To add brightness try the LT-06 light
  • Xenon light beam
  • 6000 Candle Power
  • 5 - 6 hour battery life
  • Mounts on head band
  • Lamp turns for on/off control

With optional Optiloupe for extra close inspectionOptoloop

The OptiLOUPE LP-1 attachment multiplies the magnification by 2 1/2 times.

and we also stock the replacement lens plates for the DA-X series (LP-X)

Picking the right Power

The DA-5 (the 5 stands for 5 Dioptre magnification) is what we recommend for general use. Other powers (2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10) are available from stock. Measure your working distance as a guide to which power to select - and consider adding the Lp-1

For example, if you would need to hold the item about 8 inches away to see the entire object and be close enough to see the details you would pick a DA-5 which has a 8" distance listed below. You can always call us and ask which one makes sense for a particular job.

Good for finding nits (cooties) and lice.

Hardware assembly diagram of optivisor

DA-0 DA-0 OptiVISOR WITH OUT lens plate $31.95 Buy Now
DA-10 DA-10 OptiVISOR 10 Dioptre or 3.5 power. Works best at 10cm,[4"] $60.95 Buy Now
DA-2 DA-2 OptiVISOR 2 Dioptre or 1.5 power. Works best at 51cm,[20"] $54.95 Buy Now
DA-3 DA-3 OptiVISOR 3 Dioptre or 1.75 power. Works best at 36cm,[14"] $54.95 Buy Now
DA-4 DA-4 OptiVISOR 4 Dioptre or 2 power. Works best at 25cm,[10"] $54.95 Buy Now
DA-5 DA-5 OptiVISOR 5 Dioptre or 2.5 power. Works best at 20cm,[8"] $54.95 Buy Now
DA-7 DA-7 OptiVISOR 7 Dioptre or 2.75 power. Works best at 15cm,[6"] $60.95 Buy Now
LP-1 LP-1 OptiLOUPE multiplies power by 2 1/2 times. The optiloupe attaches to the lens hood and can be swung in and out of position to zoom in on details while you work. $18.95 Buy Now
LP-10 LP-10 Lens plate only 10 Dioptre or 3.5 power @ 10cm,[4"] $43.95 Buy Now
LP-2 LP-2 Lens plate only 2 Dioptre or 1.5 power @ 51cm,[20"] $39.95 Buy Now
LP-3 LP-3 Lens plate only 3 Dioptre or 1.75 power @ 36cm,[14"] $39.95 Buy Now
LP-4 LP-4 Lens plate only 4 Dioptre or 2 power @ 25cm,[10"] $39.95 Buy Now
LP-5 LP-5 Lens plate only 5 Dioptre or 2.5 power @ 20cm,[8"] $39.95 Buy Now
LP-7 LP-7 Lens plate only 7 Dioptre or 2.75 power @ 15cm,[6"] $43.95 Buy Now
LT-06 LT-06 LT-06 provides a 6000 Candle power beam of light for your optivisor. $30.00 Buy Now
LT-2204 LT-2204 Replacement bulb for LT-06 $8.40 Buy Now
LX-3 LX-3 LX-3 OptiVISOR LX 3 Dioptre or 1.75 power Works best at 36cm,[14"] $39.95 Buy Now
LX-4 LX-4 LX-4 OptiVISOR LX 4 Dioptre or 2 power Works best at 36cm,[14"] $39.95 Buy Now
LX-5 LX-5 LX-5 OptiVISOR LX 5 Dioptre or 2.5 power. Works best at 20cm,[8"] $39.95 Buy Now
LX-7 LX-7 LX-7 OptiVISOR LX 7 Dioptre or 2.75 power Works best at 15cm,[6"] $39.95 Buy Now
PT4 PT4 Replacement Hardware kit for the Optivisor. Contains replacement hardware for both sides to connect the hood part and the plastic screws that holds the lenses in place. $9.95 Buy Now
PT7 PT7 Leather headband replacement kit. $25.95 Buy Now

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