DC UPS System

DC UPS System
Many industrial 12 and 2Vdc industrial systems need to keep working through power glitches and outages. The wrong approach is to use a computer style UPS system. This means that the AC power is converted to DC to charge the batteries and then converted back to AC then into the system power-supply to be converted back to DC with losses and reliability issues at every step.

We have a better way with our BVUPS system.

Prevents computer resets - including vehicular powered computers. Call us for details.

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D-SR1045 D-SR1045 Vehicular diode for allowing glitch-less operation $2.50 Buy Now
OCT-SOC OCT-SOC Octal Socket - Relay Socket $6.97 Buy Now
WW13.8D100P55-2.1 WW13.8D100P55-2.1 Wall-Warts (Wall Power Adapter)13.8Vdc @ 1000mA Center Positive 5.5 X2.1mm plug $19.00 Buy Now
BAT12V7AH BAT12V7AH 12V 7.5AH gel cell in a 7AH form factor Yuasa NP7-12 $22.95 Buy Now
STEP-RATE-MODULE STEP-RATE-MODULE Higher charge rate for system with more than 50AH $42.00 Buy Now
BVUPS12 BVUPS12 12V Battery Voltage UPS™ (BVUPS™) $84.95 Buy Now
BVUPS24 BVUPS24 Battery Voltage UPS™ (BVUPS™) 24V version $84.95 Buy Now
BVUPS12PFA BVUPS12PFA Battery Voltage UPS™ (BVUPS™) 12V version power Fail contacts $94.95 Buy Now
BVUPS12PFA-10 BVUPS12PFA-10 Battery Voltage UPS™ (BVUPS™) 12V version power Fail contacts $94.95 Buy Now
BVUPS24PFA BVUPS24PFA Battery Voltage UPS™ (BVUPS™) 24V version power Fail contacts $94.95 Buy Now

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DC UPS System
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