Din Rail Power Supply

Din Rail Power Supply
These Din Rail Power Supplies are just what you need for our DC-UPS system .

They mount on standard 35 mm DIN rail making panel fabrication a snap. For both 12 and 24Vdc systems ranging from 40-100VA.

MDR-60-12 MDR-60-12 MDR-60-12 12Vdc 5A Din Rail Power supply $45.90 Buy Now
MDR-60-24 MDR-60-24 24Vdc 2.5A Din Rail Power supply $59.95 Buy Now
MDR-40-24 MDR-40-24 24Vdc 1.7A Din Rail Power supply $59.95 Buy Now
MDR-40-12 MDR-40-12 12Vdc 3.33A Din Rail Power supply $59.95 Buy Now
MDR-100-12 MDR-100-12 12Vdc 7.5A Din Rail Power supply $89.95 Buy Now
MDR-100-24 MDR-100-24 24 Vdc 3.33A Din Rail Power supply $89.95 Buy Now
DRP-03 DRP-03 This Din-rail mounting kit lets you mount several of our power supplies on din rail tracks. Just screw it to the power supply and you have a quick way to mount and unmount your power supplies... $3.00 Buy Now

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