V200 Digital IO Modules

V200 Digital IO Modules
Input and output modules for the V200 Series provide expansion capabilities when a project needs more digital I/O. These models snap on the side of a CPU letting a brick style PLC do the job that used to require a rack PCL.

Transistor source and sink, Relay contacts types are all available.

GDI216**S GDI216**S 16 Inputs, 24 Vdc, 8p/com, sink/source $135.00 Buy Now
GDD288N*S GDD288N*S 8 Inputs, 24 Vdc. 4p/com, 8 Outputs NPN, 4p/com $290.00 Buy Now
GDD288P*S GDD288P*S 8 Inputs, 24 Vdc. 4p/com, 8 Outputs PNP, 4p/com $170.00 Buy Now
GDR288**S GDR288**S 8 Inputs, 24 Vdc. 4p/com, 8 Outputs Relay, 4p/com $170.00 Buy Now
GDO216**S 16 Outputs, 24 Vdc Transistor, 8p/com, NPN $200.00 Buy Now
GDO216P*S GDO216P*S 16 Outputs, 24 Vdc Transistor, 8p/com, PNP $200.00 Buy Now
GRO216**S GRO216**S 16 Outputs Relay, 8p/com $200.00 Buy Now

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