OIS55E New

Brand: Toshiba
$449.00 USD

OIS55E 3.5" Color TFT Touch Screen Operator Interface Station with Ethernet port

  • 3.5" TFT (320 x 240 Pixels) Graphical Color Display (256 Colors).
  • Direct Connection to Toshiba:
    PLCs - Integrated Controllers - ASDs - Modbus RTU
  • 6 User Defined Function Keys.
  • Up to 65535 user definable screens (full size) or pop-up windows (partial size).
  • Wizards for Rapid Application development of standard bit mapped objects
  • Real Time Historical Alarms & Historical Trending
The Ethernet port can be used to make the OIS55 into a Modbus TCP/IP master or slave.
The OIS55 can be programmed with a standard USB cable.
Index 2 90.000

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