Brand: Toshiba
$459.00 USD

OIS45EPLUS Economical 4.3” Color Touchscreen with Ethernet and Clip-on I/O capable

Control and display with a single unit. Supports the OIS_PLUS Clip-on Modules, Toshiba ASD as well as discrete and analog inputs/outputs.

Ethernet capability allows bi-direction control between DCS Large PLCs or SCADA computers..

  • Built-in ladder logic programming.
  • Sockets for 3 Clip-on I/O Modules
  • Combined tag data base for Ladder and display.
  • Requires 24Vdc power supply
  • Uses freely available OIL-DS setup software.
Index 33000 1.000

DC UPS System
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Current Detectors
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Toshiba PLCs
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V200 (15)
V2000 (86)
T1-16S PLCs (10)
T1-40S PLCs (13)
Operator Interface (21)
OIS IO Modules (9)
Legacy - T2, T1, and EX100 (21)
Test Equipment
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Panel Meters
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Universal Programmer
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EPROM Programmer
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Power Supplies
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EPROM Emulator
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Humidity-Temp logger
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