Brand: Toshiba
$490.00 USD


The OIS42U PLUS is a 3” multicolor backlit touchscreen ideal for compact installations where cost is a primary consideration. A RS232/485 port allows connection to other industrial devices. Toshiba ASD(Adjustable Speed Drive) protocol is built-in, so is the protocol for connecting to all of Toshiba’s PLCs. In addition, the OIS42 PLUS can be a Modbus RTU master or slave.

The the 'U' version has Tc or RTD inputs for doing temperture control - the 'L' version has normal analog inputs.

  • Screen color can be determined by the status of the connected devices
  • 3” Multicolor backlit Touchscreen. Screens can be Red, Green, Blue or any combination of the 2 or 3 colors
  • Only 4.3” x 2.8”
  • Built-in ladder logic editor for creating interlocks and permissives. The ladder logic editor and the screens hare the same tag data base.
  • English (or selected language) description of cryptic trip & alarm codes from ASDs and other devices.
El OIS42 PLUS es una pantalla táctil multicolor retroiluminada de que 78mm[3.1”] es ideal para instalaciones compactas donde el costo es una consideración primordial. Un porto RS232/485 permite la conexión de otros dispositivos industriales. El protocolo para Toshiba ASD(Adjustable Speed Drive)[controlador de velocidad del motor] está incorporado y también el protocolo para la conexión de todas la series PLC de Toshiba. Además, el OIS42 PLUS puede ser un maestro o esclavo RTU porque el protocolo Modbus. Español Información

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