GPS632**S New

Model: PS632
Brand: Toshiba
$530.00 USD

GPS632**S (GPS632--S) This power supply uses 24Vdc as its input. Works with Main or Expansion Racks.

24Vdc input allows use with Battery backed up applications and with our 50W12DC24 DC/DC 24Vdc supply, you can run V2000 PLCs off Vehicle (12V) power.

Input voltage24Vdc
5Vdc current7A
3.3 Vdc current1A
24Vdc current0A use the supply 24V
power consumption35W max

This V2000 system Powersupply is equivalent to the T2 system's EX10-MPS31 (The T2 system is obsolete)

Index 32999 1.000

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