GPF611**S New

Model: PF611
Brand: Toshiba
$6,650.00 USD

GPF611**S (GPF611--S) Profibus DP Module

The GCF611**S is a master device; for a slave device see GPF612**S

PROFIBUS is an international standard network developed by Siemens that is certified by German industrial Standards (DIN19245), European Standards (EN50170), and International Standards (IEC-61158). At the actual application level, there are more than 1,100 companies participating in the user group with approximately 300 vendors providing approximately 2,000 different products in the European and North American market. PROFIBUS is classified into DP, FMS, and PA which respectively applies to high-speed remote I/O, inter-controller message communication, and instrumentation applications. The PF611 and PF612 supports PROFIBUS-DP, which is the most popular among these. The PROFIBUS module enhances connectability by providing PROFIBUS connection to integrated controllers in addition to conventional device net module.

Index 33000 0.810

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