GF-360-6 New

Brand: Raychem
$0.45 USD

GF-360-6 F-connectors for Series 6 cable type .360 Hex

Corning Gilbert 360 Series

  • Uses standard cable trim and standard .360" dimension hex crimp tool. designed for superior moisture integrity and RF shielding effectiveness.

    Before crimping, the unique patented crimp ring is hex shaped on the outside with a round bore. After crimping, this bore retains its round shape. The resulting circular moisture seal to the cable jacket eliminates moisture migration paths associated with traditional hex crimp connectors.

    For outdoor use, 360 series connectors can be used in combination with Corning Gilbert seal ring, part number G-SR-1/2.

    This seal ring has been designed to work in conjunction with an F-Female Outdoor Port (SCTE IPS SP 400) to insure moisture integrity at the connector/equipment interface.

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