GCF612**S New

Model: CF612
Brand: Toshiba
$1,828.00 USD

GCF612**S (GCF612--S) Communications Module, 2 ch RS232/RS485, ASCII/binary, for S2T only.

The GCF612 is a multi function serial communications module for the V2000 Series S2T PLC. It communicates directly with the S2T CPU via the station bus. The GCF612 has three modes of operation:

  • Computer Link Mode
  • Free ASCII Mode
  • Data Storage Mode
  • The Computer Link Mode allows multiple V2000 S2T CPUs to be connected to a higher level controller (master computer, MMI/OIS, or the T-PDS programming software). Up to 32 stations can be connected without a repeater.

    Free ASCII Mode allows the GCF612 to act as a master device. In this mode the GCF612 can send Read & Write commands to connected devices that have a simple ASCII communications protocol. Such devices include ASDs, weigh scales, motor protection relays, and anything else controllable by serial ASCII.

    Data Storage Mode The GCF612 can store large quantities of easily accessed data outside of the CPU and the GCF612 in a standard, off-the shelf, CF (Compact Flash) card. THe GCF612 accepts flash memory cards up to 1 Gb. Approximately 5 million PLC registers can be saved to each 32 Mb on the compact flash card. Data, with a date and time stamp, can be saved as a CSV (comma separated value) file. Most spreadsheet and database programs can read CSV files. Once this data is imported in a program such as Open Office all types of data manipulation, graphing, statistical analysis, etc. is possible and the results can be used to improve process performance.

    Index 33000 1.000

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