OIS120 New

Brand: Toshiba
$2,370.00 USD

OIS120 Touch Panels are used as Operator Interface Stations (OIS) for Toshiba PLCs, Adjustable Speed Drives, and V Series Integrated Controllers. Operators know immediately the status of the connected equipment and they can easily get more detailed information, change operating parameters in the connect equipment or control operation.

Key Features

  • Popup Keypads. Save screen space and can be triggered by pressing any data entry object. They disappear as soon as enter is pressed.
  • Multiple Language Capability. Create tags and descriptions in any language supported by MS Windows. A utility program allows exporting a tag data base in one language, adding corresponding terms in another language, then importing the new language into the OIS.
  • Support for Floating Point Data. Double length register tags which support IEEE 32 bit format for floating point data can be mapped to any object, such as a bar graph. Allows OIS to easily work with PID Loop controllers such Toshiba V1000.
  • Portrait or Landscape Orientation. Maximize space by creating screens in either portrait or landscape mode. The mount OIS in any position.
  • Ethernet Port on OIS120. It can be used to connect to a PLC and monitor machine / process status from a remote location. The Ethernet port can also be used for remote programming of the OIS120.
OIS120 Specifications
Display: 12.1" TFT (800 x 600 Pixels) Graphical Color Display (256 Colors)
Display Rating: IP 65 rated Touch Screen
Panel Cutout: 294 mm x 226 mm
Communication Ports: Two ports, one connects to the PLC and one for programming, serial printing or connecting to another device with different protocol. RS232/485/CMOS levels available
Ethernet Port: Connects to PLC, Available for Programming or Use for Remote Monitoring
Certifications: CE
Power: 24 Vdc + 10%, 20 W maximum, Inrush 2 A
Weight: 2.8 Kg

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