Tower-Lighting Alarm Monitor

Tower-Lighting Alarm Monitor

Intelligent Tower-Lighting Alarm Monitor

Model ITLM-RL™

Protect yourself from FCC fines with this affordable solution from Transtronics. Now is the time to add lighting alarm contacts to your red lit tower.

The ITLM™ pays for itself -- no need to buy a new lighting control system -- the ITLM™ Sensor retrofits into the existing tower's lighting control panel. A simple press-of-the-button calibrates this module to the lamp load on your tower -- saving you time and frustration. The ITLM protects you from FCC light-outage-fines the competition's units fail to detect! It detects 11 different alarm conditions and is the most comprehensive device on the market today.

The ITLM is a tower lighting alarm sensor system that monitors 'Red lighted' towers (towers using incandescent bulbs in red lens housings). It detects 11 different alarm states including predictive failure alarms. The predictive alarms allow you to schedule tower maintenance before the failure actually occurs.

The system consists of a 'Sensor' and a receiver. The ITLM Sensor retrofits into the existing tower's lighting control panel.. The receiver normally mounts in the tower building and connects to the 'Sensor' via a custom modular shielded cable. The ITLM™ calibrates itself to the beacon and Side lights

Auto calibration Senses shorted bulbs Checks line voltage Checks day/night switch obstruction bulb sets of your tower with a simple push of a button.

Six tough questions when shopping for a tower light monitoring system

  1. Does the system check for high current failure from gunshot-wounded wires, broken bulb bases, and self-welded filaments? Current sense relays can not detect this failure mode -- yet they do happen and cause FCC finable tower-lamp outages!
  2. Will you know if you have a failed day/night photocell? A dark tower for whatever reason is a FCC fine.
  3. What about an open circuit breaker or utility power failure? Again, a dark tower for whatever reason can bring you a fine.
  4. Can it prevent nuisance alarms due to momentary dips in line voltage? These dips are quite common in "end of the line" rural power sites.
  5. How long does it take to install? Relocating the 'tower light control box' can have significant labor costs.
  6. Will the system take a wizard to calibrate? Will you remember the calibration procedure the next time you re-lamp the tower?
ITLM-CABLE ITLM-CABLE Extra cable $2.29 Buy Now
ITLM-OC ITLM-OC Intelligent Antenna Lighting Monitor (Open collector outputs) $447.95 Buy Now
ITLM-RL ITLM-RL Intelligent Antenna Lighting Monitor (Relay outputs) $467.95 Buy Now

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