We call these line power supplies that adorn our outlets wall-warts. They are also called Power-packs, Power adapters, Line adapters by others.

They are mostly low power levels up to about 25Watts and can have AC or DC voltages. There is no real standard for plug ends and it is important to get the right size - often notated by xxmm X xxmm where the first size is the barrel diameter and the next is the inside diameter. For DC supplies they can be either center-positive or center-negative.

Understanding our part numbers

A part such as WW9D50P55-21 - reads :
  • WW - Wall-wart - (Yes, that's what we call them )
  • 9D - 9Vdc (A would be for AC)
  • 50 - 500mA
  • P Center positive (N for Center negative and '-' for AC adapters)
  • 55-21 5.5mm x 2.1mm connector (5.5 outer diameter and 2.1 inner diameter)
WW5D10P35-13 WW5D10P35-13 Wall-Warts (Wall Power Adapter) 5Vdc @100mA Center-Positive 5.0X2.0MM plug $0.98 Buy Now
WW3D10P35-13-EUROPEAN WW3D10P35-13-EUROPEAN Wall-Warts (Wall Power Adapter)European 230Vac 24Vdc @100mA Center-Positive 5.0X2.0MM plug $0.98 Buy Now
WW9D50P35PH WW9D50P35PH 9Vdc 500mA 3.5mm center positive phone plug $7.49 Buy Now
WW9D20P55-21 WW9D20P55-21 Wall-Warts (Wall Power Adapter)9Vdc @200mA Center Positive 5.5 X2.1MM plug $12.00 Buy Now
WW9D50P55-21 WW9D50P55-21 Wall-Warts (Wall Power Adapter)9Vdc @ 500mA Center Positive 5.5 X2.1MM plug $22.77 Buy Now
WW9D230P55-21 Wall-Wart (Wall Power Adapter)9Vdc @2300mA Center Positive 5.0 X2.1MM plug Volgen WLL-09U $15.95 Buy Now
WW9D30N55-25 WW9D30N55-25 Wall-Warts (Wall Power Adapter)9Vdc @300mA Center Negative 5.5 X2.5MM plug $17.55 Buy Now
WW9D30P55-21 WW9D30P55-21 Wall-Warts (Wall Power Adapter)9Vdc @300mA Center Positive 5.5 X2.1MM plug $12.00 Buy Now
WW9A55-55-25 WW9A55-55-25 9Vac 555mA 5.5x2.5 adapter $9.95 Buy Now
1465-42836-001 1465-42836-001 Polycom Power Supply & Cord 48VDC $19.95 Buy Now
WW12D20P55-25 WW12D20P55-25 12Vdc 200mA 5.5x2.5 wall adapter $14.00 Buy Now
WW12D80P55-21 WW12D80P55-21 Wall Power Adapter - Power pack 12Vdc@800mA 5.5x2.1 $22.77 Buy Now
WW12D50P55-21 WW12D50P55-21 Wall Power Adapter 12Vdc@500mA Center Positive 5.5 X2.1MM plug $11.99 Buy Now
WW12D20P55-21 WW12D20P55-21 Wall-Warts (Wall Power Adapter)12Vdc @ 200mA Center Positive 5.5 X2.1MM plug $2.62 Buy Now
WW13.8D100P55-2.1 WW13.8D100P55-2.1 Wall-Warts (Wall Power Adapter)13.8Vdc @ 1000mA Center Positive 5.5 X2.1mm plug $19.00 Buy Now
WW18D60P55-21 WW18D60P55-21 Wall Power Adapter 18Vdc @600mA Center Positive 5.0 X2.1MM plug $12.99 Buy Now
WW24D30P55-21 WW24D30P55-21 Power adapter 24Vdc @ 300mA Size 5.5 X 2.1 mm Center Positive $8.95 Buy Now
CIG-ADAPTOR2 CIG-ADAPTOR2 Universal Cigarette lighter Adapter. Regulated converter provides up to 600mA at 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, and 12 Vdc Selectable polarity. $16.95 Buy Now

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