T1-40 Expansion

T1-40 Expansion
These cards allow one to expand the T1-40 with extra I?O and analog singanl cards.
TDR132E-S TDR132E-S 32 I/O Expansion unit for T1-40 with cable $418.00 Buy Now
TRO108-BS TRO108-BS 8 Outputs Relay, Mounts inside of T1-40 $124.00 Buy Now
TDI116-BS TDI116-BS 16 Inputs card for T1-40 $139.00 Buy Now
TAD131-BS TAD131-BS 1 Analog Input, +/-10 Vdc, 12 bit resolution, Fits inside T1-40. $239.00 Buy Now
TDA121-BS TDA121-BS 1 Analog Output, 0 - 20 ma/0 - 5 Vdc, 12 bit, Fits inside T1-40 $238.00 Buy Now
TTC111-BS TTC111-BS 1 Channel Thermocouple Input, Type E, J, K or Millivolt $298.00 Buy Now
TCU111--S TCU111--S Multi-Drop Converter, RS485 to RS232 $189.00 Buy Now
TDN111-BS TDN111-BS DeviceNet Slave Module $179.00 Buy Now
TPT15S-AS TPT15S-AS Solder-cup Connector for T1 Discrete I/O Modules or T2/V2000 32 pt Hi Density I/O Modules. $24.00 Buy Now
TBU152--S TBU152--S 2 Slot Expansion Rack with/cable for T1-40, Uses EX100/T2 I/O Modules. $110.00 Buy Now
TBU154--S TBU154--S 4 Slot Expansion Rack with/cable for T1-40, Uses EX100/T2 I/O Modules. $130.00 Buy Now

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