T1-16 Expansion

T1-16 Expansion
Sometime you might find you need a few more I/O than the 16 that comes with the T1-16S. There is an easy solution with cards that plug into the side of the unit.

Some cards use high density connectors so be sure you get the associated cables.

There are also adapter cards that allow the T1-16S to use T1-40S expansion cards.

Finally, you can even get a mini rack that allows you to use up to 4 T2 cards.

TRO108M-S TRO108M-S 8 Outputs Relay, Mounts on side of T1-16S. $175.00 Buy Now
TDI116M*S TDI116M*S 16 Inputs card for T1-16S $139.00 Buy Now
TDD116M-S TDD116M-S 8 Inputs/ 8 OC outputs Mounts on side of T1-16S $139.00 Buy Now
TBU101--S TBU101--S 1 Slot Expansion Card Holder for T1-16S, Holds T1-40 I/O Expansion Card. $35.00 Buy Now
TCU111--S TCU111--S Multi-Drop Converter, RS485 to RS232 $189.00 Buy Now
TBU104--S TBU104--S 4 Slot Expansion Card Holder for T1-16S, Holds 4 T1-40 I/O Expansion Cards $44.00 Buy Now
TPT15S-AS TPT15S-AS Solder-cup Connector for T1 Discrete I/O Modules or T2/V2000 32 pt Hi Density I/O Modules. $24.00 Buy Now

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