Racks Cables Connectors

Racks Cables Connectors
T2 PLCs have their parts mounted in racks. Also find cables and connectors here.
TKRS232 TKRS232 Programming Cable, Connects T2/T3 Programming Port to Computer RS232 Port, 2 m. All T-Series, S2E & S2T Processors. $79.00 Buy Now
TKIO20 TKIO20 Cable for Hi Density (64 Pt) I/O Modules, 2m, One end I/O connector other end pigtail $190.00 Buy Now
TPT15S-AS TPT15S-AS Solder-cup Connector for T1 Discrete I/O Modules or T2/V2000 32 pt Hi Density I/O Modules. $24.00 Buy Now
TKRS485 TKRS485 Computer Link Cable, Connects T2/T3 RS485 Port to 2 m Pigtail. $59.00 Buy Now
IBM-0909-1-00 IBM-0909-1-00 Programming Cable, For uploading programmable OIS from your PC $30.00 Buy Now

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