Rack Supplies

Rack Supplies
These Rack Supplies are special power supplies for the card rack.

Power supply modules are mounted in the second slot from the left-end of all bases.

Be sure that the supply is big enough to deliver all the 5V and 3V current you need. Also remember that the supplie's ability to deliver 24V is limited by its total wattage rating.

GPS693**S GPS693**S 120/240 Vac input power supply with 24Vdc service, For V2000 Main/Expansion Racks $360.00 Buy Now
GSP600*AS GSP600*AS Blank empty module cover $50.00 Buy Now
GPS691**S GPS691**S 120/240 Vdc power supply, For V2000 Main Rack, w/UPS Interface Connection. 5Vdc at 8A $600.00 Buy Now
GPS632**S 24Vdc input power supply, For V2000 Main/Expansion Racks $530.00 Buy Now
GPS652**S 100 - 110 Vdc power supply, For V2000 Main/Expansion Rack 7A at 6V, 1A at 3.3V $890.00 Buy Now

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