PDA8485-I New

Model: PDA8485
Brand: Precision Digital
Precision Digital
$196.00 USD

PDA8485-I converts USB to balanced, full or half-duplex RS-422 or RS-485 signals with Isolation
  • USB to RS-485 Converter
  • USB 1.1, USB 2.0, EIA-422, and EIA-485 Compatible
  • Isolation on Data Lines and Power
  • Allows Multiple Meters on the Same Serial Network
  • Converter Network Max. Distance of 3,937' (1,200 m)
  • Removable Screw Terminal Connector
  • Status LED Indication
  • Small Size
  • Powered from USB Port

The PDA8485 converts USB to balanced, full or half-duplex RS-422 or RS-485 signals.The PDA8485 provides RS-422/485 removable screw terminals:
  • Transmit Data (DO) and (/DO)
  • Receive Data (DI) and (/DI)
  • Signal Ground.
The PDA8485 automatically sets Baud rates. There are three diagnostic LEDs:

  1. Power (P)   - proper power
  2. Transmit Data (TX) converter is sending data out from the PC
  3. Receive Data (RX) converter is receiving data from the network
DIP switch SW1 allows setting system configurations.
Index 33000 1.000

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