PDA7232 New

Brand: Precision Digital
Precision Digital
$82.00 USD

The PDA7232 is an RS-232 Serial Adapter It includes a PDA7420 Cable

  • Status LED Indication
  • Field Installable Option

The PDA7232 provides a method to connect a PD765 series meter to your computer. This adapter plugs into a DB9 serial port and connects to the meter via the included PDA7420 cable. The adapter has status LEDs to help debug any serial communication errors.

To connect more than one Trident meter to your computer use the RS-422/485 Adapter, model PDA7422 .

If your computer only has USB ports, we have USB-to-Serial adapters  the single S-USB232B  or dual  S-USB-2COM .

The PDA7232 has three diagnostic LEDs:
  1. Power (P) LED to show when the adapter is powered properly.
  2. Transmit Data (TX) LED toshow when the adapter is sending data out from the PC side
  3. Receive Data (RX) LED to show when the adapter is receiving data from a PD765 meter.

Index 32999 1.000

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