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OIS60 6" Color Touchscreen, Ethernet port. For Display of System Status, Alarms, Recipes, & Trending. Order cable for T1 or T2/T3/S2E/S2T separately. Requires OISetup32 software.

UL rated Class 1, Div 2

  • Serial port Programming cable - (not used much anymore due to USB connection) Use straight thru serial cable
  • Connecting V2000 or T2 Use EC-P-019B-00
  • Connecting T1 Use EC-P-019A-00
  • Features

    • 6" QVGA 256 Color Graphic Display
    • 256 Colors (320 x 240 Pixels)
    • 1 Mb Memory Standard
    • Multiple Data Entry Objects per Screen
    • Simple Windows Based Setup Software
      Use the Wizards
      Import Bitmaps
    The Ethernet port can be used to make the OIS55 into a Modbus TCP/IP master or slave.

    The OIS60 is a 6" Color Touch Panel. It is used as an Operator Interface Station (OIS) for Toshiba T Series PLCs, Adjustable Speed Drives, and V Series Integrated Controllers. Operators know immediately the status of the connected equipment and they can easily get more detailed information, change operating parameters in the connect equipment or control operation. etc.

    OIS60 operation is based on screens and tasks. Screens are created with objects on the screen. Tasks are assigned to the objects. There is no limit to the number of screens and tasks that can be created (except the available memory). Up to 256 alarms can be defined. Recipes can be block transferred between the OIS60 and connected devices (or vice versa). The following connection modes are possible:
    1 : 1 OIS60 connected to one device.
    1 : N One OIS60 connected to multiple devices
    N : 1 Multiple OIS60s connected to one device (Requires Gateway Protocol Converter).


    Before the OIS60 can be used a program must be loaded into it. The program is created on any MS Windows based computer using OISetup32 software. With the OISetup32 software screens are defined. Tasks are then assigned to the screens and objects on the screen.
    Available tasks
    Go To ScreenGo To Next ScreenGo To Previous Screen
    Write Value to TagAdd Constant to TagSubtract Constant from Tag
    Copy Tag A to Tag BSwap Tag A & Tag BCopy Tag to LED
    Copy PLC Bk to Recipe BkCopy Recipe Bk to PLC BkiPrint Data
    Turn Bit ONTurn Bit OFFToggle Bit

    Power24V DC + 10%, 3W maximum
    Display6" diagonal, 320x240 pixel, 256 color, CCFL Backlit 20,000Hrs at 25 deg C)
    DiaplayIP 65 rated Touch Screen
    Operating Temperature0 C to 50C
    Storage Temperature-20 C to 80 C
    Bezel Size139 mm x 197mm
    Panel Cutout183.20 mm x 123.20 mm
    Humidity10% to 90% (Non condensing)
    Communication Ports: Two ports, one connects to the PLC and one for programming, serial printing or connecting to another device with different protocol. RS232/485/CMOS levels available
    Certifications: CE
    Power: 24 Vdc + 10%, 3 W maximum.
    Weight: 645 g
    Immunity to ESDLevel 3 as per IEC1000-4-2
    Immunity to TransientsLevel 3 as per IEC1000-4-4
    Radiated SusceptibilityLevel 3 as per IEC1000-4-3
    EmissionsEN55011 CISPR A

Index 32999 1.000

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