OIS10 New

Brand: Toshiba
$164.00 USD

2 Line by 16 character backlit LCD, 6 Operator Keys, 2 LEDs.

Legacy Item - not for new projects

NO PROGRAMMING- Messages & Functions are stored in PLC, Power from PLC. Comes with cable for T1.

Not for new systems - use OIS12 instead

The OIS10 displays 2 lines of up to 16 characters per line. The number of different displays (messages, etc.) is limited only by the available PLC memory (program memory, register memory, or a combination of both).

Displays can be:

  • Messages based on any PLC condition
  • Alarms flashing OFF and ON
  • Embedded register values
  • Variable bar graphs
  • Text (such as PV, MV, SV, etc.) can also be embedded in the bar graph


The OIS10 has 6 user definable function keys. These keys can be used as push-buttons or as toggle switches. Keys can do the following functions:

  • Toggle a specified coil ON or OFF
  • Enter a value into a specified register
  • Control a multiple selection menu
  • Alarm/Message Display
    (with embedded variables)
  • Multiple Bar Graph Display
  • Pushbuttons
  • Function Keys Set
  • Register Values
  • Function Keys Adjust
    Timer & Counter Presets


The OIS10 has 2 user definable LEDs.

Each LED can be turned ON or OFF when a designated coil or bit in the PLC is ON or OFF. Each designated LED can also be turned ON when one of the following occurs: A register value is less than, equal to, or greater than a specified limit.

Again, note that all operations described above are dependent on the PLC ladder logic program. The OIS10 needs no programming of its own.

No Programming environment to learn

No Wiring: Simply plug the cable into the PLC RS232 programming port. No other connections are necessary. The OIS is powered from the PLC.

No Programming: These OISs do not require a program. All messages and other actions are stored in PLC program or register memory. Now all that extra register memory and the ASCII conversion instruction in the T1 PLCs can be used. Over 999 data registers are available for storing ASCII messages in standard T1s. 4,000 plus registers are available in the Super T1-40 and T2E PLCs. And 8,000 plus registers are available in the T2N.

The OIS operation is controlled by the status of pre-assigned registers in the PLC.

Toshiba PLCs! They have lots of Memory!

  • If program memory is limited (which it usually isn't) ASCII characters can be stored directly in the data register memory using the ASCII entry mode in the Data Monitor View.



If you are using a T1 with a RS485 controller you can plug the OIS into the programming port and program the T1 via the RS485. In the Programming software, select connect via computer link - 485. The other way is to use an AB serial switch.

  OIS10: 2 Line x 16 Character Backlit LCD.
Display: OIS16: 4 Line x 16 Character Backlit LCD.
  IP 65 rated Keypad
Display Rating: OIS10: 6 User Assignable Function Keys.
Keys OIS15: 8 User Assignable Function Keys.
  OIS10: 2 (1 Red & 1 Green)
LEDs OIS15: 4 Red.
Panel Cutout: OIS10: 92 mm x 45 mm. (1/8 DIN).
OIS15: 92 mm x 92 mm (1/4 DIN).
Communication Ports: One port connects to the PLC.
Certifications: CE, UCSA
Power: 5 Vdc + 5%, 120 mA from PLC Port.
Weight: OIS10: 140 g. OIS15: 240 g.
Index 1 0.980

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