Networking and communications modules let your PLC be in more than one place at once.
GCF611**S GCF611**S Communications Module, 1 ch, RS232C, ASCII. $1,160.00 Buy Now
GCF612**S GCF612**S GCF612**S (GCF612--S) Communications Module, 2 ch RS232/RS485, ASCII/binary, for S2T only. $1,828.00 Buy Now
GEN651A*S GEN651A*S Ethernet Module, Single bus, 100 Base-TX. $2,700.00 Buy Now
GPF611**S GPF611**S Profibus DP Module $6,650.00 Buy Now
GDN611A*S GDN611A*S DeviceNet Scanner Module $1,360.00 Buy Now
GUN611**S GUN611**S TOSLINE-F10, Single bus, twisted paired-cable, Master station $1,168.00 Buy Now
GUN612**S GUN612**S TOSLINE-F10, Single bus, twisted paired-cable, Slave station $1,168.00 Buy Now
GFL612**S GFL612**S FL-Net Master, Ver. 2.00. $1,730.00 Buy Now
GFL654**S GFL654**S FL-Net Remote I/O Station, Ver.2. CPU Module not Required. $2,288.00 Buy Now
GSN621**S TOSLINE-S20, Single bus, coaxial cable, S2E/S2 systems only $2,750.00 Buy Now
GSN622**S TOSLINE-S20, Single bus, optical cable, S2E/S2 systems only. $1,979.00 Buy Now
GSN626**S GSN626**S TOSLINE-S20, Single bus optical cable, S2T only. $2,968.00 Buy Now
GSN627**S TOSLINE-S20LP, Double loop optical cable, S2T/S2 only. $3,068.00 Buy Now
GPF612**S Profibus DP Module $5,770.00 Buy Now

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