Humidity-Temp logger

Humidity-Temp logger
The ProtectArt 2000 is intended as a museum case temperature and humidity Alarm, monitor and logger. If the case deviates from the programmable limits, the Protect-Art system will indicate an alarm condition via an externally mountable LED. ProtectArt 2000 safeguards priceless collections and provides an accounting trail for curators and insurance companies.


While the ProtectArt 2000 was designed for use by museums, many other applications exist where humidity and temperature needs to be monitored and creating a recorded log is advantageous.
  • Cigar humidors
  • Precision equipment storage
  • Greenhouse - Mushrooms
  • Incubators
  • Research Environmental Chambers
  • Condensation control
  • Sausage storage
Detailed information is available here
HTL2000 HTL2000 ProtectArt humidity temperature Alarm and Logger $299.95 Buy Now
HTL2000-LED HTL2000-LED Replacement LED and cable for the ProtectArt 2000 $30.00 Buy Now
HTL2000-MAG-SWT HTL2000-MAG-SWT Replacement magnetic switch and cable for the ProtectArt 2000 $120.00 Buy Now
HTL2000-SENSOR HTL2000-SENSOR Replacement sensor and cable for the ProtectArt 2000 $120.00 Buy Now

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