GPU288*3S New

Model: PU288
Brand: Toshiba
$298.00 USD

GPU288*3S ( GPU288-3S ) with 16 I/Os
V200 CPU, 8 Inputs 24 Vdc, 2 Outputs 24 Vdc Transistor, 6 Outputs Relay, Requires 24 Vdc PS.
  • Expandable I/O via Clip-on modules
  • Programing cable is a standard USB cable
  • Programming Software - OIL-DS
  • Instruction Set - T-Series
  • Execution Speed Contact-1us Coil-1.1us Add-3.3us
  • Networking via Modbus Master/RTU ASD full ( A Modbus Ethernet TCP/IP CPU module is also available - GPU200*3S )
  • Power Supply - 24Vdc (See Din Rail Power Supplies )
  • Approvals UL C and US listed iconCE rating iconClass 1, Div 2
CPU Specification
Item Specification
Control Method Stored program, cyclic scan system
Scan System Floating scan
I/O Update Batch I/O refresh (direct I/O instruction available)
Program Memory Stored in flash memory (ROM)
Program Capacity 8 K steps
Programming Language Ladder diagram with function block.
Instructions Basic: 20 Function: 96
Execution Speed 1.4 µs/contact, 2.3 µs/coil, 4.2 µs/16-bit transfer,
6.5 µs/16-bit addition
Program Types 1 Main program
1 Sub-program (initial program)
1 Timer interrupt (interval: 5 to 1000ms, 5ms units)
2 I/O interrupt (high-speed counter and interrupt input)
256 Subroutines
User Data I/O 6400 Points/400 registers (X/XW, Y/YW) max
  Auxiliary 4096 Points/256 registers (B/BW)
  Special 4096 Points/256 words (S/SW)
  Timer 256 Registers (T./T), 64 @ 0.01s & 192 @ 0.1s
  Counter 256 Registers (C./C)
  Data 4096 Registers (D)
  Retentive 1400 Registers (RW)
  Configuration 25600 Points/1600 Registers (M/MW)
  Index Register 3 Words (I, J, K)
Real-Time Clock/Calendar Year, month, day, day of the week, hours, minutes,seconds
Special I/O Functions High speed counter (2 single or 1 quadrature) or Interrupt input (2 points),Pulse output (CW+CCW or Pulse+Direction) or PWM output
Debug Support Functions On-line monitor
Specification GPU200 GPU288
Power Supply 24 Vdc, (+10%, -15%) 24 Vdc, (+10%, -15%)
Power Consumption 3.6 VA or less, no exp. I/O 8 VA or less, no exp. I/O
Memory 8 k Steps 8 k Steps
Communication Ports Programming USB Programming USB
Serial RS232, RS485 Serial RS232, RS485
Ethernet (10/100 Mbps)  
Local I/O None 8 Inputs, 8 Outputs
Inputs DC Input Input Points   8 points (8 points/common)
Rated Input Voltage   24Vdc, +10/-15 %
Rated Input Current   5mA . 20 mA for HS Iputs
Min. ON Voltage   9.6 Vdc
Max. OFF Voltage   3.6 Vdc
ON/OFF Delay   10 ms
Outputs Rly Output Output Points   6 Relay,
Rated Load Voltage   240Vac.2A 24 Vdc/0.5A
Max. Load Current   2A/point (resistive), 6A/common
Leak Current at OFF   None
ON/OFF Delay   10 ms or less
DC Output Output Points   2 points (2 points/common)
Rated Load Voltage   24Vdc
Max. Load Current   0.5A/point (resistive)
Leak Current at Off   0.1mA or less
ON/OFF Time   1ms or less
Special I/O HS Counter   2 1 Φ(50 Khz), 1 Quad (5 Khz)
PWM Output   CW/CCW or PLS/Dir
Max Expansion 8 I/O Modules 8 I/O Modules
External Connection   Removable Terminal Blocks
Cooling Natural air cooling Natural air cooling
Mechanical Dimensions 100 mm x 35 mm x 70 mm 100 mm x 35 mm x 70 mm
Weight 125 gm 180 gm

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