EAGLE0201U New

Brand: Toshiba
$209.00 USD

EAGLE0201U Analog Expansion, (2 Universal Analog Inputs, 1 Analog Output), 1 per T1, Connects to Programming Port.

Eagle analog I/O for the T1 Series mPLCs

The Eagle I/O is universal analog I/O. Now, the analog values of temperature, pressure, flow, weight, etc. can be included into the sequencing, interlocking and permissive control performed by the PLC. Eagle I/O allows T1 PLCs to work with the following analog signals.

Analog& Inputs Analog Outputs
4-20 mA
0-100 mV
0-50 mV
4-20 mA
0-100 mV
0-10 Vdc

For the analog inputs, the Eagle I/O performs the A to D (analog to digital) conversion and loads a digital value directly into a T1 register.

For analog outputs, the Eagle I/O reads a digital value out of a T1 register and performs a D to A (digital to analog conversion). Analog signal types and PLC registers are defined using the included simple setup software.

The Analog I/O expansion plugs into the programming port.

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