Card Racks

Card Racks
Card racks form the back bone of the V2000 system. To expand a rack you need to have a a GIF661**S in each rack and a suitable expansion cable.
GCS6R3*CS GCS6R3*CS Expansion Cable, 0.3 m length. $110.00 Buy Now
GCS6R5*CS GCS6R5*CS Expansion Cable, 0.5 m length $120.00 Buy Now
GCS6R7*CS GCS6R7*CS Expansion Cable, 0.7 m length $130.00 Buy Now
GCS6*1*CS GCS6*1*CS Expansion Cable, 1.2 m length $150.00 Buy Now
GCX701*CS Tracking Cable,TS, 1.0 m length. S2 System Only. $129.00 Buy Now
GCY701*CS Tracking Cable,TD, 1.0 m length. S2 System Only. $129.00 Buy Now
GIF661**S GIF661**S Interface Module for Connecting Expansion Racks. $170.00 Buy Now
GIF619**S Interface Module for Redundant Base Racks. $1,899.00 Buy Now
GIF658**S Interface Module for Redundant Expansion Racks $1,009.00 Buy Now

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