Brand: Transtronics
$88.00 USD

BO-OC Current Detector - Heater Burnout Detector Open collector output

Made in the USA

Current Detector - Heater Burnout Detector
Self powered. Also available in Triac output.

BO Detector Series Detect stalled motors or jammed conveyors with repeatability. The current detector works by sensing the AC current and activating at the specified set point. Sensing a repeatable specific trip-point, allows the detector to monitor multiple parallel loads. The BO series can detect stalled motors by sensing the out of range current. In 3-phase operation (using a delta or 4-wire-Y configuration), the Transtronics current detector allows one sensor to monitor all three phases for an unbalanced condition. Upon detection, it lights the LED and optionally activates an output. Two output versions are available: Open collector, and Triac. Options include: large pass opening and adjustable set-point. Current ranges to 100 A


See the application Information link below for details.
  • Single and 3 phase heater element burnout detection
  • Wood working vacuum starter
  • Motor stall detection
  • Blocked air filter detection
Set point current range (specify with order) 5 to 100A Full Scale
Set point accuracy +/-15% (5% on adjustable units) 10% dead-band
Relay Output version
4A @ 220 Vac
TRIAC Output version
2A @ 220 Vac
Transistor Output version
20 mA 24V (Pin 8 negative.; Pin 6 positive)
Ambient Operating Temperature 0 C to 60 C
Octal Case Size 60.7[2.39] X 44.85[1.77] X 70.75[2.79]mm[inches] (excluding octal pins)
With module in socket - 105[4.14] mm[inch] total height
Pass through opening 22.2mm [0.875"]
Adjustable version
Allows a 2:1 range ( Full scale current of 10A adjusts from 5 - 10A)
Relay contacts 5A@30Vdc/120Vac see drawing below for pin out
Relay power supply 12V or consult factory

[] - denotes legacy units

We have Din Rail mountable sockets available. This sensor can be used with our PLCs.

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Full-Scale Current: 

Index 33000 0.470

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