21-142-1060 New

Brand: Various
$129.00 USD

21-142-1060 0-60PSI 4-20mA out Pressure transducer Keller PSI KPSI

The series 21 is a low cost, medium to high pressure range transducer. Although it is non submersible, with it's encapsulated electronics it can be said to be splash-able. Applications include Hydraulic systems, Refrigerant Gases, Compressor pressures, Engine test, Liquid level, Hydraulic presses, Injection Molding, Steam, Monitoring Hostile gas/ fluid pressures, Pump and pipeline pressures Lubrication, Water towers, Corrosive liquids, and air brakes.

Specifications best fit straight line' (bfsl) basis at 25 deg c per isa s51.1.

Thermal error is the maximum allowable deviation from 'Best Fit Straight Line' (BFSL) due to a change in temperature per ISA S51.1.


Compensated Temperature Range -10 to 80 deg. C
Operating temperature range -30 to 125 deg. C


Excitation (4-20 mA out) 8 to 28 VDC
Output impedance less than 10 ohms
Aero offset, Maximum 4 to 20 mA is .30 mA (Voltage out units have 30 mV)
Insulation resistance greater than 100 megohms at 50 VDC


Weight 5 oz
wetted materials 316 SS
case materials 316 SS
Pressure connection 1/4" male NPT
Electrical connection 18" PVC jacketed cable (standard) DIN 43650 Form C optional
Index 1 0.330

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