EPROM Programmer

Depending on the chip type you are working with, you might also need an adapter.

The eraser Pictured below is for UV erasable chips that have a window (sometimes under a sticker). If you have any questions on what to order, please feel free to call at (785) 841 3089. We strongly recommend using a ground strap to prevent damage to your chips and/or programmer.

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GALEP-5 GALEP-5 USB2 Universal Mobile Device Programmer $598.00 Buy Now
I-PP3USB I-PP3USB 40 Pin USB based Programmer, supports EPROM, ROM, EEPROM, FLASH, UVEPROM, Static RAM, Microprocessor, and nonvolatile memory. $269.00 Buy Now
GND-WRIST-STRAP GND-WRIST-STRAP Ground strap - Wrist strap - personal grounding device - Anti-static ESD. $4.95 Buy Now
D_ERASE D_ERASE 4 chip UV chip eraser with timer and safety interlock $66.95 Buy Now
WW9D20P55-21 WW9D20P55-21 Wall-Warts (Wall Power Adapter)9Vdc @200mA Center Positive 5.5 X2.1MM plug $12.00 Buy Now
I-Flash16PSOP40-USB3 I-Flash16PSOP40-USB3 I-Flash16PSOP40-USB3 Device Adapter for 28FX00 and 29FX00 series EPROMS in PSOP package $149.95 Buy Now
I-Flash16TSOP40-USB3 Device Adapter for 28FX00 and 29FX00 series EPROMS in TSOP package $149.95 Buy Now
I-PICUSB3 I-PICUSB3 Device Adapter for programming listed PIC chips with the USB3 $99.00 Buy Now
I-875X-USB3 I-875X-USB3 I-875X-USB3 875X device Adapter for programming 8751/52/54/58 MCUs $149.95 Buy Now
I-874X I-874X device Adapter for programming 8741/42/48/49 MCUs $149.95 Buy Now
I-27CX00-USB3 I-27CX00-USB3 I-27CX00-USB3 42 PIn Pocket Programmer device adapter for 27Cx00 Parts. Requires the I-PP3USB $95.95 Buy Now
I-PROM I-PROM Prom Adapter for programming 16 pin X4 & X8 Proms $149.95 Buy Now
I-2708 Device Adapter for 2708 EPROMs $200.00 Buy Now
I-PLCC28-32 I-PLCC28-32 Package adapter for PLCC-28 and PLCC-32 chips $89.95 Buy Now
I-PLCC44 I-PLCC44 Package adapter for 44 Pin PLCC devices. Plugs into 40 pin headers. $89.95 Buy Now
I-TSOP32-0.50-18.4 I-TSOP32-0.50-18.4 32 pin TSOP package adapter for the pocket programmer $79.95 Buy Now
I-TSOP28-0.55-11.8 28 pin TSOP package adapter for the pocket programmer $79.95 Buy Now
E-SOIC-8-1.27-4 E-SOIC-8-1.27-4 8 pin SOIC package adapter often used with Serial eproms. $99.95 Buy Now
E-SOIC-8-1.27-5.28 E-SOIC-8-1.27-5.28 8 pin SOIC package adapter often used with Serial eproms. $99.95 Buy Now
I-SOIC32-0.5-8.59-8.89 I-SOIC32-0.5-8.59-8.89 32 pin SOIC Package adapter for the pocket programmer. $79.95 Buy Now
CIG-ADAPTOR2 CIG-ADAPTOR2 Universal Cigarette lighter Adapter. Regulated converter provides up to 600mA at 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, and 12 Vdc Selectable polarity. $16.95 Buy Now

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